You Lost the Game: a poem in pieces

Welcome! You’re here because you received a small card in your copy of Issue 4, and want to know more about what we’re doing with it. Or, you’re overly curious and wanted to see where this link led. That’s cool too.

So, for the first group, here are your instructions:

  1. Take a picture of the front of the card (the side with the word and roman numeral on it). This picture can have any background. It can be your face, a wall, your favorite book, and ideally it would be something that you think encapsulates either the word or phrase on the card, or the entire poem itself.
  2. Send that picture to
  3. Check back here on May 31, when we will upload all of the pictures you send us into a collage!

We’re excited to have this interactive experience with you, and so is the poet, Shannon Hearn!

Please email us with any questions at the above email address, and thanks for joining us!



(Here’s an example)