The Slaggers

Here are the people in charge that make TSR what it is:

Carleton J. Whaley – Editor in Chief, Co-Founder


A recent graduate of the University of Connecticut, Carleton Whaley is the Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of The Slag Review. His scribbles can be read in Paper Darts, Long River Review, OCCULUM, and New South Journal.


At this very moment, he is probably spilling coffee, whiskey, or a combination of both on a shirt he really likes.

Contact him with any questions at or at his personal website.


Thomas Maynard – Resident Blacksmith, Co-Founder



As The Slag Review’s Resident Blacksmith, Thomas Maynard is an avid fan of things that are very warm. By day, he repairs and installs computers at work, and by night, he repairs and installs computers at home. Tom spends his free time cooking, reading, writing, and dreaming of a new forge.

Tom is almost always available at for correspondence.


Therese Masotta – Contributing/Blog Editor, Co-Founder


Therese is an elusive wilderness therapy field instructor in North Carolina who spends 80% of her time outside (you can read about that here). The other 20% is spent on drinking coffee, reading books, and writing individual lines that might turn into a novel one day. Her work can be found in Sidereal Magazine and Thought Catalogue.

If you’d like to talk about hiking, literature, or how you feel about your relationship with your mom, contact her at



Lucas Guilmette – Assistant Editor

lucas slagger real

Lucas enjoys too much coffee and hiking while he thinks all the thinks. Running is ok too. As a cook he is a Madman, Radical Sandwich Anarchist, and Amateur French Toast Maker.

Contact him at, if you must.



Erica Hoffmann – Art Editor and Social Media Assistant

Slag pic

Erica has experience in woodcut and intaglio printmaking, painting, ceramics, and a special place in her heart for blending colors (because it covers mistakes).  She is currently enrolled in graduate school completing a doctoral degree in occupational therapy, and eats more macaroni and cheese than advised by literally anyone.

You can contact her on any TSR social media account, or email her at