Pieces of Slag

We believe that art is just as much about the process as it is about the end result. To that end, we ask that when you submit to us, we also ask that, if you are able, you send us some part of your process. We’d love to see notebook pages when you were developing the idea, or hear about how you completely changed it after the first draft (and we’d love to see that first draft, too).

We want some token or symbol of the struggle to make art, even if it’s as simple as:


If we accept your piece, we will also publish these notes and ideas here.

We hope that by sharing these, they will create a discussion around art and literature that isn’t happening in other places.

We value not only your art, but what went into it. Is there a witty story behind the idea you got? Did you finish it on a deadline? Did you have a fight right before you wrote it? Do you draw diagrams of character relationships, or outline the piece before you sit down? We want to know these things, and we want to share them.