Experimental Film

Experimental Film

by Glen Armstrong

In the picture, Kirsten’s wedding gown

fits only Kirsten’s body,


leaving a mess

of unfit out there,


and it’s fixing to crash the party.


Appetite scores its point,

as does dance

and discrete light.


Discontinued times reappear

as vintage paper.


The simple joy of throwing a dart

that no one saw coming

cannot be overrated.


In groves of fig or date palm

or city parks lit

by paper lanterns,


partitioned from their daily use

by dusk and special permit,

we watch as the caterers


remove long tails

from bodies more complete

for what they’ve lost.

Though fanboys don’t find Glen Armstrong attractive, he doesshare a birthday with the actresses who played Jessica 6 in Logan’s Runand Ezri Dax on Deep Space Nine. He edits a poetry journal called Cruel Gartersand teaches writing in a medium security prison. His work has appeared in Poetry NorthwestConduitand Cloudbank.