Issue 9

…With every new poem or story, I am learning to see. I am letting myself learn about factory towns, about sipping Carmenère in Washington Heights, about fear, abuse, love.

We have just enough left for two gin and tonics, and I’ll run out to get some limes. While I do, feel free to read this journal. Learn to see.

TSR cover 9

-excerpt, letter from the Editor


Yellow by Anne Leigh Parrish


Poem About My Father Disguised as the End of the World by Jason Irwin

The Photographer’s Model Speaks (Cuatros Vientos) by Sara Barnard

and now for something good by Charles Elin

Factory Town After Ice Out by Christine Jackson

The Dove by Holly Day

GUT, There is a Year of Telling Now, & Hold Desire as Sand by stephanie roberts, and accompanied by Pieces of Slag


Concrete Sculptures by Mario Loprete