Issue 8

…In these pages there is death and rebirth, cigarette-strewn streets and cold beaches in the grip of winter. And beyond those, past mannequins and Emilies and cityscapes there is you: the TSR cover 8reader. We are trying to reach you.”

-Letter from the Editor







The Man and His Till by Annie Blake


Fragility by David H Weinberger




Visible Cities by Brad Liening


Facing East by J. Naomi Cislo


The Wren by Austin Veldman


Nighttime by Mark Belair


Purification Ritual by Abigail Pearson


Gone to Waste by Christine Taylor


Delivery by Laurel Radzieski


Rolling Your Guts by DS Maolalai


Emily as Evidence Modernity is Waning ,

Emily as a Replica of a Parade ,

& Emily as a Path, Not an Escape by Darren C. Demaree



Cuentas de una Ciudad II by Seigar





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