Issue 6


Praise for Issue 6

“…the editors describe how the journal is ‘a little off-kilter,’ and how the work they ‘accept will reflect that.’ Readers can be thankful that the credo really shines forth in the Fall 2017 issue of the journal.

…This issue is stacked with the kind of writing that leaves you glad to have read it a first time, and eager to revisit.

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How I Swallowed A Snake by Annie Blake

Salt by James Kidd



knifeknifeknife by Kim Peter Kovac

Intercept by S.J. Dunning



Salvador Dali is Forever by Howie Good

Postcard From a Man Whose Heart Is On Fire For You by Kenneth Anderson

Before Breakfast and Trespassing by Jerome Daly

June by Austin Veldman

The Gospel of Love According to John by Therese Masotta

Paper Lightning by L.B. Sedlacek

Triolet at the B Café and Detonations by Maureen Daniels

Dove and Menthol Pillows by Timmy Chong

Let Me State This in Words Only I Can Understand by John Grey

The Question by Ted McCarthy

Three Poems by Darren C. Demaree , part of his series of Micro-Poetry



The Artwork of Rachel Clark



Interview with Rachel Clark




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