The Slag Review: a journal of art, literature, and metallurgy is seeking your prose, fiction, poetry, art, and tales or products of metallurgy experiences. 

It’s ok to ask Questions. Remember, if you aren’t satisfied with the responses below, feel free to email us. In the mean time, here are some questions we receive often.

Q: What kind of literature?

A: Any kind. We have no prejudice against genre, only asking that as a writer you seek to tell a distinct story. Narrative is paramount. Just like the smelting process, there is a journey and a transformation, and we look for that aspect in all of our selected fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Q: How much should I send?

A: Multiple submissions are accepted and encouraged. As far as their length, full novels are probably a bad idea. We’re a journal, not a press. (…Yet.) Novel excerpts, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable, so long as they have a self-contained narrative. For prose and fiction, around 3,000 words is preferred, with a maximum of 5,000. For poetry, anywhere between 1 and 5 pages (per submission) is a good ball park.

Q: What kind of art?

A: The art-y kind of art would be nice. By this we mean no fan-art. Everything must be original. Past that, go wild. We are interested in graphic stories, portraits, paintings, photographs, digital pieces, and we are especially interested in metalwork and sculpture.

Q: Why metallurgy?

A: Because, like writing or creating art, it is a dangerous process that takes a combination of skill, patience, and determination. Metallurgy has a long history and deep connection to the advancement of humanity, and that’s really what we’re all about here. We’re developing and refining our image with every issue, so it’s a journey of self discovery that we’re taking together. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s a fun word to say. Metallurgy. That’s bracing.

Q: Ok, I get it, but how can I contribute to a journal that wants to focus on metallurgy if I don’t write about it or forge anything?

A: An interesting question. Above all, we will be defined by the submissions we accept, and we acknowledge that many of them will have little or nothing to do with the art and science of creating metals. We don’t want you to pigeon-hole yourself as an artist for our sake. Remember, we  are invested in the process of expression through art, fully understanding that it may be a long and dangerous one. In this way, we hope to create a haven for talented voices in all ranges of experience. So go ahead! Send us stories about your process, poems about the growth or expansion of whatever!

On the other hand, if this is of interest to you, here are some ideas of things we would like to see:

  • A step-by-step on how to build your own forge out of quick-dry cement and an old boot.
  • A research-driven narrative essay into the history of horseshoes, the Roman gladius, or your Aunt Myrtle’s spoon collection that you melted down after she died.
  • An interview with a materials-science engineering major, welder, chemist, sculptor, or anyone that has insight into metallurgy. Maybe even that creepy guy digging up railroad spikes behind that really cute café downtown. You never know.
  • A photo-essay of your latest creation, with notes about how you use the forging process to ignore the fact that your life is spinning out of control.

Even if this sounds interesting to you, you might not have any of these experiences. Luckily, we have a resident blacksmith who will be updating The Slag Review online with tales similar to those mentioned. Even more luckily, however, you can make up any of these experiences as long as you submit under fiction. Go crazy with it.

Q: How will you be publishing this?

A: We will be printing a select number of hard copies, but the entire issue will be available online, both to download in PDF and ebook form and view in your browser. We will be publishing our main issue quarterly, but we will continue to update the website with pieces published in-house, or accepted through our rolling submissions.

Q: Ok, how do I submit?

A: We accept all submissions electronically through our email or via this formAlthough you can send multiple submissions per email, please attach each submission as its own distinct file. Each email should include only one genre, and that should be made clear in the subject line

IMPORTANT: Please title each document in the format of “Lastname_Firstname_Genre.” If your piece is art, photography, fiction, prose, or a single poem, you may include the title before the genre (thus making the format “Lastname_Firstname_Title_Genre”) that way our email filters will make sure it gets to the right place!  Examples of titles that will frustrate us: SlagSubmission1.doc, SlagPoetrySubmission.doc, theslagreview.doc, poetry.doc – you get the idea.

All text files should be .docx, and all image files should be .png or .img. Please include a brief description identifying your piece, especially if it is a novel excerpt or photo-essay. Cover letters are not necessary, and will go unread.


Alright, now that you’re ready, submit here or via email! Go forth and write, my friends.

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    • At this point, we do not offer payment for published works. However, it is possible that this may change in the future as the publication continues to grow. Because we do not pay for the submissions, we only ask for first printing rights, giving our contributors full control over the future of their works.


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