Our Pushcart Prize Nominations

The Pushcart Prize is one of the greatest assets to the lit mag community, and one of the greatest honors a writer can receive. In our way, it is our honor to be able to nominate our writers’ works for consideration, and selecting our nominees is one of the most difficult decisions we make throughout the year.

Established in 1976, they have sought to bring attention to writers, presses, and little magazines by publishing their annual collection. The Pushcart Prize was named among the most influential projects in the history of American publishing by Publishers Weekly, and we are proud to nominate the following pieces this year:


Way Down Deep Inside by Epiphany Ferrell

Ferrell’s strange little story brims with a kind of playfulness and rare personality that immediately intrigued us, and has brought us back to read many times.

Yellow by Anne Leigh Parrish

One of our favorite stories to date, “Yellow” covers an incredible amount of ground in just over 1000 words. It moves freely, dipping in and out of the inner lives of its characters, often asking us to challenge assumptions we made only a few moments ago.


Eight Exercises About the Past by Eva Ferry

We have an admitted soft spot for nonfiction that blurs the lines of traditional understanding of the genre, and Ferry’s piece exemplifies that surreal, postmodern feel. 


Half-Truths by Daniel Aristi

A fascinating, engaging, and endlessly complex portrait of family. Aristi’s fragmented and innovative style drew us in immediately.

The Photographer’s Model Speaks (Cuatros Vientos) by Sara Barnard

As its title suggests, this poem captures almost photographic stills of moments in time, moments that work together to build a strange, surreal story.

Visible Cities by Brad Liening

A puzzle we are still parsing out, “Visible Cities” is filled with vignette-like pieces that weave together beautifully and memorably.


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