Purification Ritual

Purification Ritual

by Abigail Pearson


i: without you


in my deepest bones

i have become a different person

a smaller being than your

indefatigable soul


my exoskeleton is torn away

my heart is pumping raw

the caverns of my lungs are empty


ii: burning your clothes


i will tear down my altar to you

all of the memories i have of us together

and my clothes that smell like you

i have bagged them

and burned them in my sink

i have let the ashes blow out the window

hoping that my skin will grow back


iii: tequila


the potion i am mixing has

1 ½ oz tequila

a thirty dollar bottle

orange juice that i have squeezed myself

and a dash of grenadine

this potion is what i will use to exorcise you from

my mind


iv: becoming me


yesterday i bought

a pair of pants you didn’t like

today i am writing down the bites of our relationship that

you wanted to keep hidden

i bite my lip and taste blood

to stop from crying your name

but tomorrow i will finish my spell

banish the last thoughts of you

and become me again.


Abigail Pearson is a 22-year-old writer of novels and poetry. She has a black cat that she loves to cuddle with while she drinks tea and reads Dostoyevsky. Abigail has published poetry collections and short stories, her latest work A Mad Woman’s Voice can be found here: https://payhip.com/b/A47O
She resides in Eugene, OR. Follow her @whimseywriter3


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