by Laurel Radzieski


Before the men arrived,

I was worried, vacuumed


and moved a table out of their path

against the wall. Worried about the men


delivering a treadmill that was soon

to be my treadmill, actually an already mine tread-


mill, according to the receipt. I worried

about the men I did not know


knowing I would have a treadmill, walking

through several rooms and seeing those rooms,


knowing those rooms. I worried, wondered if

a treadmill could be worth two men I did not know

knowing me.

Laurel Radzieski’s debut poetry collection, Red Mother (NYQ Books, 2018), is a love story told from the perspective of a parasite. She earned her MFA at Goddard College. Laurel is a Poetry Editor for Clockhouse and her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Really System, The Golden Key, inkscrawl and other publications. Her poetry has also been featured on the Farm/Art DTour in La Rue, Wisconsin and she has worn many hats in the theatre. Laurel lives with her husband in Northeastern Pennsylvania and can be found online at

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