The Body Lies

The Body Lies

 by Austin Veldman


I cook my rice with water from the tap.

The granules infuse the liquid’s minerals –

zinc, copper, maybe lead

and God knows what else.

We have grown used to these metallic intricacies.

Most of us can’t even be bothered anymore.


I said sorry to the moon.

He ignored me.

That’s alright, I’ll see him again

in a month.

I’ll be a different person then,

a different accumulation of cells –

A reminder that the body lies to us.


Austin Veldman is a poet, fiction writer, and songwriter. He is currently pursuing an MA in English from Indiana University South Bend. His poetry has featured in Bateau, Dreams & Nightmares, Artifact Nouveau, and others. He currently is an Assistant Editor at 42 Miles Press and the Editor-in-chief at Twyckenham Notes.

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