by Daniel Aristi



Family is important:


A three-story arranged

In chronological order +

This estranged gay uncle

Still acting all butch at 52

Out of habit, chain-smoking pussy lies

(But he’s just hinted at some


This nugget is a comet

Over supper

For everyone to read meaning in).


Family is important. Which means do not

Fuck up, and keep those seals unbroken

At least until we take some more casualties





It is Nature’s way

And Mother knows best

That the heart dies last

When body temperature drops


So, limbs being dispensable, no hands, like a child riding his bike

As they freeze & fall:


Look mum, no hands, look, no feet and no legs, but please look

Look at me you’ve reduced to essentials – look, I’ve become

One tearful sphere.




A soldier’s soldier


He said

To end the discussion.


A nurse’s nurse

A gardener’s gardener

A baker’s baker

A stripper’s stripper

What the fuck

They said


All the children in chorus, grownups now.


School fees paid, and shoes, with green money ‘cause it was camo money –

And sex was Search & Destroy, we all except lil’ Becky got to hear it

(Lil’ Becky’s face is looking like a set of knuckles, btw).




Made with the memory of words in the head.

This coffee and tea good to stare at.






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