by Maureen Daniels


Endless summer and we were still

troops fighting for something


we weren’t sure we believed.

Aaron’s heart


swung open like an angry fist,

gushing and raw. It was that


animal that pulsed inside

each of us that made me


want to thrust my life

into the sandy ditch to mark


where his body had come undone.

Fusion of fire and storm.


I want to go home, lift

my bare knuckled boots


onto the un-magazined table

and hold the remote with a lack-


luster paw, watch any

other world come undone.



Maureen Daniels teaches English at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, where she is also a doctoral fellow in creative writing. She is an editorial assistant for Prairie Schooner and Western American Literature. Her work has recently been published in Sinister WisdomWilde MagazineGertrude PressThird Wednesday and the South Florida Poetry Review

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