by Meghan Barrett


sixteen and the


in the wood world opens onto a frog. Nana says

if I kiss, but we’ve never been

the same – you’re only a tad

pale, see I’ve got two wise men

growing under freckled arms, they promise

silk and butter in time, tell me I’m too,

new       all their eyes are made

of salt but they were never

pillars of this

community any ways


when I moved

to Philadelphia they played us

on the radio each morning, summer

rained purple on my cotton

dress, stuck           up calling

sweet on a leather seat, the train

rocking; there were men

hungry for me

blood and

slime so I shook

their palmed wallets           we stuck

our webbed toes: enter dalliance

we sucked

this city                 dry, and

sucked us



Meghan Barrett is currently a biology PhD student at Drexel University, studying an expanded version of ‘bug brains’. Meghan hails from Rochester, NY and is greatly   inspired by the ecology of the upstate area, hazelnut coffee, and her cat, Nyx. Her work can be found in Crab Fat, all the sins, Gandy Dancer, Frankenstein’s Review, UnLost, and     Palaver, among others. The biology behind her poetry and more about her work can be found at: meghan-barrett.com.


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