Explanation of the True Trinity Through Vodka Sauce

Explanation of the True Trinity Through Vodka Sauce

by Meghan Barrett


Basil stretching on a kitchen windowsill

three green stilts groping blind for sun

teetering, unbalanced by heavy metal

scissors snipping apical merry stems

these caesars drooping       leaves left

& right over


because I am making my

father’s pasta sauce:           a religion

demanding jihadist crusades I wield

a spooning among pots & old inherited

kettle, calling in favors     it whistles

for a truce & for new color & water

for a Basilica of righteousness



towards massacred tomatoes     we

leap together from   cut out boards

seeking the pieces together         &

letting it stew                 in the hope

that holy steam blends & for gives

until timers dream us a   part again


& doesn’t it just grow           anyway?



Meghan Barrett is currently a biology PhD student at Drexel University, studying an expanded version of ‘bug brains’. Meghan hails from Rochester, NY and is greatly   inspired by the ecology of the upstate area, hazelnut coffee, and her cat, Nyx. Her work can be found in Crab Fat, all the sins, Gandy Dancer, Frankenstein’s Review, UnLost, and     Palaver, among others. The biology behind her poetry and more about her work can be found at: meghan-barrett.com.


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