Two Poems by Morgan Downie


by Morgan Downie


lead men, our dusk bodies coated

in soot, slow footed, scorched


we talk in mutters, anthracite

hearts dark as welder’s glass

yet we pause at the furnace

the glowing bowl of molten heart


look down, owl eyed,

spark filled and dazzled





by Morgan Downie


there, by the carved rocks

uprooted from a bed of moss

a tobacco tin


the green and gold of virginia,

hand rolled, slight corrosion

water intrusion, slight damage


an unkerneled husk of geode,

split open, white veins

of quartz, pocket smooth


a postcard, cardboard damp

to the touch Largs, 8th august 1957

‘where we walked as children’


a yellow metal ring

thin from wear

a lock of grey hair


and a slip of paper

careful handwriting



Morgan Downie is a poet, short story writer and visual artist. He is a keen cyclist and not shy of a canoe. His collections include stone and sea, distances, and a lazarus. He is a keen collaborator and cites having a laugh as his main motivator for creative work.


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