by Alex Feldman


It’s a sweltering July night

I haven’t heard from my girl

For days

My air conditioner looks like R2D2 and hasn’t worked

For weeks

The cheapest fan I could find

Sputters as I sweat tar


Words crawl across

The TV screen

Notifying me of a dangerous

Chemical in the water

I am warned not to drink it

I am warned not to wash with it


I draw a sad horse on my wall

Then run a bath,

Leave the bathroom,

And check my phone;

No missed calls


When I return

The water floats Dodger blue

In the white ceramic


I dip my leg in the water

It is cool

Just as I planned

Just as I need


All I know is the water is “dangerous”

It could give me a rash,

Burn the hair off my body,

Infect me with bacteria,

Creep up inside my genitals

Killing my sperm

Rendering me impotent,

Maybe it will disintegrate me all together





I submerge myself


Right now the risk

Is worth the relief

Like that extra drink

Or a cigarette

Or a woman



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