at a not so far away place for 2 or so days

at a not so far away place for 2 or so days

by Audrey McMillion


i wish i would have brought tylenol

because the mental becomes the physical sometimes.

and i swallowed two cups of coffee whole

i’m afraid it will be the only real warmth i’ll ever get

here, they took away everything i love

my home

my books

my bed


my best friend is at the bottom of a duffel bag

and i hope he’s not cold

my third cup of coffee

and i’m shaking

i was already shaking—i assure you

just a little more now.

i pride myself in my lack of soul

but i do have fear

of actually having one

and if i don’t want myself to see it

i don’t want them to either

i always find myself alone in crowded places

drifting off to space

or worse

i am alone alone alone alone

and i want to go home


Audrey McMillion is sixteen years old and currently resides in Charleston, WV. With a passion for politics, literature, science, and coffee, she is eager to take on the world. A self-described nerd, Audrey also has a love of Star Wars and The X-Files, as well as an overwhelming desire to learn. Audrey’s poetry has previously been published in Water Soup Press’s Issue #3.

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