A Theory On Happiness

A Theory On Happiness

by Samantha Bassman


It’s all about calculation.

Reliving school is more fun

than attending school,

you don’t have to pretend anymore.

It’s impossible to comprehend

All we have yet to learn.

I am consistently packing in regrets,

Constantly packing up.

The last thing left

In a body should be a song.

An icon of random growth

spurts and strange games,



Ripe avocadoes, a long stretch

of farmland, brief moments

in vivid rumination. Insignificant

Things make me

Happy . It goes so fast.

Tomorrow will be

a smaller snippet of today.

Books rarely stick with you

despite contemplative car rides home. It goes so fast.

Tiny flowers drawn from cream in coffee cups,

Joy and grief teetering like a seesaw;

All will eventually coalesce.


At the station two trains

barely miss each another. A couple

of kids just kissed.  Close your eyes,

You’re still

standing still.

Love is so beautiful it hurts.


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