Slag from Meghan Barrett’s Ecology and Ecofeminism Poems

Slag for Body Volume:

“These are the notes/word bank I create while reading through the article (title and authors at the top of the first page). I take these notes in my poetry notebook, then grow the poem from there on paper, then in a doc. This is my process for all my found poems.”


“And then the first draft, on a legal pad (it’s actually in pencil, but I enhanced it so you can read the words):”



Slag for “Honeybee Dance…”



Barrett’s thought process is fascinating as she moves from draft to draft. Although we only accepted these two poems out of the packet she sent us, she also has another strategy, which, while we couldn’t include the notebook pages for them, informs her other work.

“While writing a ‘research based’ poem, I start by creating the ‘Biopoetics’ where I write down a blurb, no more than 400 words, about the interesting science I want to see reflected in the poem. Then I close that document and write the poem in a new one. This is the case for both ‘Euplectella’ and ‘Phycodurus eques’ – I publish the ‘Biopoetics’ on my blog, after the poem itself is published to inform my readers of the science behind the art.” -Meghan Barrett

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