Slag from Linda Wojtowick’s Two Poems

“For amusement or use, because I see that you enjoy some glimpse into process- these are from a collection I’m working on, and all of the poem titles are either the name of a racehorse (Vain), a tomato strain (Beefsteak), or a mineral. So there’s an overall “animal, vegetable, mineral” theme. I’ve been just picking the title first and going from there. Here are a couple pictures of early composing notes on these two poems.” -Linda Wojtowick




Notes for “Vain”

Many of my own notebooks look like this-arrows pointing in different directions, new sections to be added later, questions that I pose myself-and this is one of the reasons I always start my work in notebooks. That freedom of thought is essential in early drafts, when you still need to let yourself be surprised by your own work.



Inspiration for “Beefsteak”

Frankly, I never knew there were so many names for tomato strains. Wouldn’t First Lady II just be Second Lady? Who is Dr. Wychee? What kind of a name is Beefsteak? With just a little curiosity and observation, Wojtowick created a poem with some of the most arresting images in our second issue. We are all lucky to have her.


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