Zachary Bradley: Two Poems

I’m inconsistent when it Comes to capitalization

by Zachary Bradley


I don’t know how you missed the eight signs, fluorescent and screaming,

but you did.


You hit the grooved pavement like a patch of sand

and it’s third grade, you’re in first place,



Down Minister Brook Drive. You somersault over handlebars

and stick the landing,

face first,

too close to a fire hydrant that you’ll say you hit,


but you didn’t.



Smokey the Bear, the Sadist

by Zachary Bradley



a fire dance

is easy

until you

have to

put it out,


grind it down


to dirt


so the forest

won’t burn.


Zachary Bradley is a veterinary student at the University of Minnesota with an interest in sustainable agriculture. In his (rare) free time, he reads, writes, paints, plays bass, and takes pictures of things. He also has a pretty sweet rock collection.

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