Languish For Desire

Languish For Desire

by Kik Williams



I tried to squish my body into a bottle

pretended to be a shell   a bunch of shells

the bunch I found on the beach

in Cuba when I was a little girl

the day the sand was covered in blue

balloons   the nurse said non toca

es mal   bad balloons  man of war

balloons   decorate the beach

para me   I want to put everything

in my mouth for him   a leg

a hand   a breast through the slits

of fabrics   I want to do everything

to reveal myself   I’d cover my body

in blue balloons   pretend I’m a conch

all pink inside   and listen   if you hold me

up to your ear   you can hear me sigh


Kik Williams is a grandmother who just started kickboxing. She loves it. Kik is also aceramic artist specializing in certain female body parts. She lives with four chickens, two mini dachshunds, a cat and a couple of gold fish. Kik has traveled to over 20 countries and most of the United States. Her Spanish is terrible. She is looking for a honey. Until she was in her 60’s, Kik had never written a poem, a late bloomer in many ways.

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