And the Sleeping Me Aches

And the Sleeping Me Aches

by Devin Samuels



The tired bone

Shambled ligaments,

All jello across a mattress.


It’s not mine

But I sleep on it,

Like a lot of things I sleep on:

The box spring, her insta – gram message,

Like the night.

Its bosom all hold,

All sweet spring chirp.


Not my spring.

Chirp sweet melody,

Anyway day in

And out day

Till each palm a collision.

Still unborn and still born

And unstilled when this sleep get out of hand.


Can you see?

How glow I is?

How am I be, a war,

A fire still pulled by moon.


How sleep be half a howl?

Half a throat she caught in.

The neck,

My neck



Unborn yet stay tuned,

Say moon,

Soon beautiful moon,

I wane.


Devin Samuels has been embedded in Spoken word since age 14. Now 24, he has competed in many national level competitions, coached 7 national level teams, and is engrossed in the poetry communities of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Now living in Detroit as the Inside Out Literary Arts Future Corp Fellow, Devin devotes his time to crafting opportunities to building the voices of youth through poetry and performing arts. He brings a deep love and commitment to both his craft and his mentorship, devoting himself fully to each project and never backing down from a challenge. “I don’t write because it’s fun, I write because I don’t know how to live any other way. The fun is just a perk.”

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